What is rhino.fi?

rhino.fi (previously DeversiFi) is the technological culmination of several years of decentralised exchange development. Initially incubated by industry-leading exchange Bitfinex (now fully independent) the rhino.fi team experimented with and developed innovative solutions, solving a number of crucial problems faced by decentralised exchanges with the end goal of building a non-custodial exchange suitable for serious, professional traders  — frequent day traders, algorithmic funds and arbitrage traders — while offering a speed and security advantage over existing centralised venues. In short, to deliver all the important pillars of profitable trading with all the advantage of self-custody. 

rhino.fi is an extremely fast, deeply liquid and private non-custodial trading portal built on Ethereum, harnessing StarkWare’s Layer-2 scaling technology (ZK-Rollup/Validium). rhino.fi provides high-speed API and UI access to some of the the industry's deepest order-books, allowing for 9000+ transactions per second, privacy-by-default, competitive fees, and withdrawal certainty - meaning you're always in full control of your assets and can move in and out at speed. All with next to no counter-party risk. 

Additionally, rhino.fi traders can use rhino.fi’s deflationary Nectar token to enjoy extra fee discounts (on top of volume-based discounts), as well as membership of one of the largest DAOs ever built — Nectar DAO — to help govern the future of Nectar and rhino.fi through the collective allocation of available funds. 17,000 ETH have been pledged to the Nectar DAO. More information is available here.

rhino.fi Features

1. High-speed Non-custodial Exchange

Non-custodial trading of ERC20 compatible tokens. Trades are executed off-chain with batched on-chain settlement later. This allows for super fast speeds and low-cost self-custodial trading. 

2. Over the Counter (OTC) Trading

Swap any standard ERC20-compliant token, including those that are not currently listed on rhino.fi, with fees as low as 0.02 %. Orders created via rhino.fi OTC have the advantage of not being shared on the regular exchange order-book.

3. API Trading

Build on top of our powerful API. Add exchange capabilities directly to your dApp.

Be Part of Our Community

Our community is growing fast — join 5,000 other traders in our Telegram below and have any questions, queries or concerns addressed by our friendly admin. 

Discord https://discord.gg/yafEx8W

Blog blog.rhino.fi

Reddit reddit.com/r/rhino.fi

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