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Withdrawing Tokens From

You can withdraw tokens from back to their native chain.

Polygon Network, Arbitrum and BNB Chain:
Fast withdrawals - Unlimited liquidity for non-stablecoin tokens.
Fast withdrawals - Limited liquidity for USDC, USDT and DAI

Fast withdrawals - Limited liquidity for all tokens
Regular/Slow withdrawals - Unlimited liquidity for all tokens

To see which withdrawal option is available for your token, go to the withdrawal widget

Withdrawals will default to the fast withdrawals if fast withdrawals are eligible for that selected token

You can change from 'fast' to 'regular' (if available) by clicking on the 'Advanced' link in the withdrawal widget

Fast Withdrawals

Fast withdrawals arrive your on-chain wallet almost instantly.

There is an unlimited amount of fast withdrawal liquidity for non-stablecoin tokens on Polygon, BNB Chain and Arbitrum

You can see the amounts of limited available fast withdrawal liquidity for Stablecoin & ETH tokens on the chains below buy looking at these smart contracts
BNB Chain:
zkSync Era:
Polygon zkEVM

Any limited fast withdrawal liquidity is replenished daily and you can withdraw up to 1/3 of the contract balance in one withdrawal

Fee - The rhino Bridge & withdrawal fees are updated regularly depending on the gas prices of each individual chain

Native/Regular Withdrawals Ethereum

Regular withdrawals are available for all Ethereum tokens on This requires a two-step process.

1) Initiate the withdrawal and then wait 12-24 hours.
3) View the status of your regular withdraw in your history section
2) Claim your tokens from the Layer 2 smart contract. Make the final on-chain transaction to send the tokens back to your Ethereum mainnet wallet.

Pending - Until your withdrawal is ready for you to send back to your on-chain/Layer-1 wallet, the withdrawal will display as 'Pending' in your Portfolio section.

Claim - When your withdrawal is ready to send back to your on-chain wallet, you can click the 'claim' button in your Withdrawal History page

Cancel - You can cancel the withdrawal in the Portfolio section until the point where it has been processed and is ready to send back to your on-chain wallet.

Fee - There is no fee charged by, but you pay the Ethereum ETH gas from your on-chain wallet/address the end of the withdrawal process (when you make the final TX to send back to your Layer-1 wallet).

Top Tip - always make sure that you have at least 0.02 ETH in your on-chain wallet, otherwise MetaMask may quote you an erroneously high gas fee or give you an 'out of gas error' even though the final cost of the transaction will likely be much lower (depending on global gas prices).

Top Tip 2 You can claim your tokens when mainnet Ethereum gas prices are cheaper - for example at weekends

Claim: ---> 'Withdrawals'

The second row shows the layer 2 batch/proof transaction on Ethereum.

The first row is where you need to claim your tokens from the smart contract on Ethereum

Updated on: 04/06/2023

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