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How to use on your Mobile Phone

How to use on your Mobile Phone

You can use on the go via our new mobile-optimised web app.

You can use the mobile version of via the following mobile wallets only:

MetaMask Mobile (Android or iPhone).

Important - Do not use a mobile wallet that is not listed in the list above.

Connecting to the mobile-optimised version of is easy:

1) Download a supported mobile wallet for your phone

Download one of the above listed wallets for your mobile phone using your mobile phone's app store.

2) Create or Import your Ethereum address into the mobile wallet.

You can either create a new address by following the steps in your mobile wallet or import an existing address using your seed phrase or private key (Warning: please make sure you understand the risks associated with moving and exposing your private keys).

3) Navigate to using the browser within your mobile wallet

Using the in-built browser in your mobile wallet (e.g. MetaMask Mobile browser) navigate to and connect your wallet.

Sign any authentication messages that appear.

4) Deposit, Swap and Trade from your mobile

If you are using the same address to both connect to via a desktop web browser (e.g. the MetaMask Chrome extension) and connect via your mobile wallet (e.g. MetaMask Mobile), then you can connect to seamlessly using either your web browser or your mobile wallet.

Updated on: 15/08/2022

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