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Deposit Guide

How to deposit

You need to deposit tokens to rhino before you can enjoy gas-free & private swapping, trading and investing on rhino is a layer 2 self-custodial platform based on the StarkWare StarkEx Layer 2 technology. Only you control your tokens on rhino - no one else can access them.

Create a rhino account
Go to
Connect one of the supported wallets to

Create your Layer 2 account on rhino. The two signatures create your account and allow you access to the rhino API. Only you control your rhino account (no one else can access) as rhino is a self-custodial platform (DEX)

Make your first deposit
Click the deposit button

You can deposit from a range of different layer 2’s (Arbitrum, Polygon, zkSync) as well as BNB Chain and Ethereum Mainnet

Select the token that you would like to deposit. Some tokens are only available on certain networks - for example, the AAVE token can be deposited from Ethereum. Tokens such as ETH can be deposited from many different chains

*Approve your token to deposit using your wallet (Eg metamask)- you only need to do this once per token
Make the deposit transaction using your wallet (Eg Metamask), You need gas tokens to deposit from your deposit network (for example you use ETH to deposit AAVE from Ethereum)
Wait for blockchain to confirm your deposit transaction
Wait a minute or two for your deposit to appear in your rhino account

You can now use the full power of to swap, trade and invest using your deposited tokens

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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