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Rhino Withdrawal (Bridge) Fees

The following fees are charged when you make a withdrawal (bridge) from your rhino account (StarkEx) to other chains

The fee covers both the gas cost and the bridge liquidity provider (LP) cost on each chain

Please check the rhino bridge widget for the most up-to-date bridge fees


The fees consist of a variable fee (see below), plus a fixed fee, which varies with network gas costs.

Note* Ethereum variable fees vary with bridge activity and liquidity levels. Please check the rhino bridge UI/widget at the time of bridging for the latest price

Variable fee

You can always check the latest fee quote in either the withdrawal widget or the bridge widget

Native/Regular/Slow Ethereum Withdrawals

Native/Regular/Slow Ethereum withdrawals are where you use the native rollup withdrawal method to withdraw from the rhino Layer 2 rollup back to Ethereum mainnet. Withdrawals take up to 24 hours and you need to return to rhino once the withdrawal has been processed by the rollup to claim your funds from the smart contract using your Ethereum mainnet wallet

Gas fees are paid in ETH from your on-chain wallet on Ethereum mainnet

To learn more about the difference between the two different ways to withdraw from rhino to Ethereum, see this article

Promotional fees

Promotional fee discounts are run across all chains. During these periods, discounts may be applied to our fixed fees. Percentage fees may still apply above certain withdrawal amounts. All up to date/specific pricing will be displayed in our bridge widget.

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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