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USDT yVault (Yearn Stargate Ethereum USDT)

USDT yVault (Yearn Stargate Ethereum USDT)

Please review the risk warning at the bottom of this article and please do your own research before using the USDT yVault opportunity.

Yearn Stargate Ethereum USDT Overview

When you supply your USDT to the USDT yVault opportunity on, you are supplying your USDT to the Yearn Finance USDT yVault strategy on Ethereum mainnet.

This strategy supplies USDT to the Stargate Finance USDT pool on Ethereum and automatically sells the STG token rewards into USDT. This is resupplied to the Stargate pool, compounding the rewards.

Stargate Finance is a cross-chain bridging and messaging service which deploys liquidity pools of Stablecoins on both Ethereum and Layer 2 rollups, in order to facilitate cross-chain bridging and swaps.

USDT yVault Risk Warning

When you stake your USDT to the yVault opportunity on you are exposed to certain risks, which include but are not limited to:

Yearn Finance smart contract risk
Stargate Finance smart contract risk

USDT yVault FAQ?

How do I earn interest?

Interest is accrued to your supplied USDT.

The Yearn Finance yVault strategy automatically sells the STA token rewards that accrue from supplying USDT to the Stargate Finance USDT pool, and subsequently resupplies those rewards back into the strategy.

Over time, your yVault tokens will increase in value as the underlying pool of USDT increases, and this will be presented to you as 'earned interest' on your dashboard.

What are the fees?

To cover the cost of rebalancing and gas fees, charges a 0.1% removal/un-staking fee on the amount of USDT that you remove.

Although no one likes fees, no fees are charged to supply/stake, meaning that you do not pay anything to start participating in the USDT yVault opportunity on

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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