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Rhino to zkSync Era Withdrawal Guide

Rhino to zkSync Era Withdrawal Guide - Block Explorer Guide, Verifying Message And Walkthrough

Bridging using rhino is a two step process where 1) you deposit to rhino 2) withdraw from rhino. You can use the rhino bridge page, or if you already have tokens deposited to your rhino account then you can use the withdrawal button on your rhino portfolio page

Walkthrough example to Bridge ETH from Rhino to Era

The withdrawal fee (withdrawing from Rhino to Era can be viewed in the withdrawal/bridge widget at the time of the withdrawal)

In this example, I initiated a 1 ETH withdrawal from rhino to zkSync Era and paid a 0.0009 ETH fee

The withdrawal was immediately processed and the link to the transaction appeared in the withdrawal history section of my rhino account history page

The Era block explorer link shows the withdrawal, with 0.9991 ETH being received by my Era address/wallet (1 ETH - 0.0009 ETH fee = 0.9991 ETH)

The 'verifying' text that the block explorer simply means that the Layer 2 transaction will be proved on Ethereum Layer 1 in 24 hours time (more info), but has no impact on transactions being executed on layer 2. The rhino withdrawal to Era was processed instantly and arrived in my Era wallet/address instantly

I can also see the Era block explorer page for my wallet address to check the inbound ETH amount of 0.9991

I can also see the fee, blockchain transaction link and amount of the withdrawal (before fees) in my rhino account history page

Updated on: 07/04/2023

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