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Polygon zkEVM Withdrawals - Block Explorer Display Issue

Polygon zkEVM Withdrawals - Block Explorer Display Issue

Because the Polygon zkEVM explorer has only recently launched, it does not yet show all of the information about the Polygon zkEVM blockchain activity & transaction history

The best way to track your Polygon zkEVM balance is by keeping track of your total balance for an address using the Polygon zkEVM explorer and then watching the total balance increase or decrease as you make transactions

Walkthrough Guide to Withdrawing from Rhino to zkEVM

In this example my starting balance is 0.4138634011 ETH in my Polygon zkEVM address (because I have already bridged ETH to Polygon zkEVM before)

I then initiate a withdrawal to Polygon zkEVM fro rhino for 1 ETH from my rhino portfolio page by clicking on the withdrawal button

In this example there is no fee charged, because there is a 48 hour free promotion/discount applied. Normally a small fee will be charged for the withdrawal

My rhino account history section shows details about the withdrawal, including a link to the block explorer transaction

Although the zkEVM Block Explorer transaction link shows a 'zero value' transaction, the ETH was sent to my zkEVM wallet/address. The block explorer does not yet support all of the information needed to show something called 'internal transactions' which is why the transaction shows as 0

Checking my address on the zkEVM block explorer, I can also see that no 'in' (inbound) transactions or transfers are displayed.

However, checking my balance I can see that the balance has increased by 1 ETH

the rhino team is in contact with both the Polygon zkEVM team and the zkEVM block explorer team and both teams have reported that they are working on improving the block explorer and improving its features & reporting

Updated on: 07/04/2023

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