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How to fix an ETH STARKKEY NOT MATCHED error


You can resolve an ETH STARKKEY NOT MATCHED error using the following steps:

For example, using Chrome:

1) When you are viewing, hit the 'View' button in the top toolbar of Chrome (Macbook) or F12 on a Windows machine

2) Developer → and then open the 'Javascript Console'

3) open the 'Application' section

4) Navigate to the section and hit 'clear'

5) Completely close-down your browser. Exit the browser completely (close the program using Force-Shut or exit completely)

6) Re-open your browser and reconnect your wallet to

Note, these steps are for accounts that registered on after May 2021. if you first connected & used your address with prior to May 2021 then it is best to reach out to customer support so that the support team can check to make sure the following steps will still work for your account.

Updated on: 25/03/2023

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