Fees and Minimum Order Sizes

Minimum Order Size

Minimum order sizes vary from token to token, but they are approximately $50 (or equivalent). If your order is smaller than the minimum size you will be notified.


rhino.fi's trading fees range from 0% to 0.2%, meaning they are among the most competitive of any non-custodial or centralised crypto exchange.

The full rhino.fi fee schedule can be found here.

You can gain discounts based on your 30-day historic rhino.fi trading volume. rhino.fi charges different fees for maker and taker trades.

Taker fees

Taker fees are those fees paid when you remove liquidity from the rhino.fi order book by executing an order against those that are already resting in the order book.

Maker fees

Maker fees are those fees paid when you provide liquidity to the rhino.fi order book by placing a limit order that rests in the order book.
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