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Free Rhino Bridge Withdrawals for DVF Holders

Free Rhino Bridge Withdrawals for DVF Holders

The product team is examining ways of bringing meaningful & useful utility to DVF & xDVF holders.

One popular feature request is to enable free cross-chain withdrawals/bridging from rhino fi to layer 2's to enable rhino users to explore new DeFi frontiers.

What this feature may look like:
Hold 300 DVF or xDVF in your rhino account
One free bridge/withdrawal per 24 hours
You can choose to use your free withdrawal, or save for later in the day

By clicking on the withdrawal widget tab and reading this page, you are helping to signal that this is the type of DVF utility that you would like to see.

The rhino product team is busy working on this feature. Check back soon to see it live.

Please join the rhino Discord to share your feedback on what such a feature may look like in the #Bridgefeature channel

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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