$SAND incentivised trading opportunity on rhino.fi

To celebrate our partnership with Sandbox, an ecosystem for gaming, NFTs and the Metaverse, we’re launching an incentivised trading opportunity for their native token, $SAND.

Between Friday October 7 and Sunday October 23, rhino.fi users can enter a competition to win 500 DVF, our own native governance token, by cross-chain swapping $SAND tokens on our platform.

The total rewards pot for this opportunity is 5,000 DVF and will be split evenly between 10 wallets, selected at random after the competition closes at 11:59pm UCT (23:59) on October 23.

To enter the competition participants must:

Hold an account on rhino.fi (or create one during the competition period).
Swap at least $50 worth of $SAND tokens during the competition, and hold at least $50 of $SAND by its end.
Follow both rhino.fi & The Sandbox on Twitter
Join the rhino.fi Discord.
Confirm participation via this form

To begin trading $SAND, participants can follow this link to our cross-chain swaps portal.

Please note that cross-chain swaps are currently only available using stablecoins. So participants must select USDT and USDC as the primary asset, before swapping into $SAND.

How cross-chain swaps work on rhino.fi

Rhino.fi has created specific smart contracts for cross-chain swapping, enabling you to acquire tokens from different chains and access them via your rhino.fi wallet.

Our cross-chain system is based on user signatures, which authorise us to make transactions with your express consent (we can never and will never make any transactions without this).

Our scalability partner, StarkEx, provides the central ‘hub’ in the system. Instead of interacting with your desired chain directly, you deposit your primary asset on StarkEx and we acquire your chosen asset on your behalf, using the collateral we have amassed on the chain in the question. Once the transaction has finished or been finalised, the funds are once again non-custodial and are only controlled or accessed by you

This means that, unlike other cross-chain and multi-chain platforms, you don’t have to hold native tokens for gas fees. We pay the gas on your behalf, and add it to the final transaction fee.

Terms and conditions

You are able to claim all rewards through rhino.fi gas-free on Layer 2 Ethereum.
You will need to have an active account on rhino.fi in order to claim your rewards.
Whilst there are no fees to claim your winnings, you will have to pay gas fees if you want to withdraw your winnings from Layer 2 to Layer 1 Ethereum.
If selected as a winner, you will be notified via either Twitter or Discord.
Winnings will be available to claim 2 weeks after the end of the promotion.
We reserve the right to ‘blacklist’ any addresses that we feel are ‘gaming’ the promotion in order to receive the reward.
By participating in this promotion, you agree to the terms of service of rhino.fi.

Updated on: 07/10/2022

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