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What our referral programme involves has launched its first-ever referral programme to encourage adoption of DeFi and allow community members like you to become cross-chain champions.

When you refer a friend to and your friend swaps at least $1,000 on our platform via trades, swaps, investment or pools, you both earn a spin of our rewards wheel. Prizes can be either $10, $80, $500 or $50,000 in crypto, paid in either DVF or USDT, and are typically paid in seven to fourteen days.

What you and your friend need to do

Simply copy the referral link from the brand-new referrals section of the app and send it to your friend.

Once your friend has connected their wallet, they must

Verify their email address (this is to prevent bots only)
Deposit crypto with a dollar value of at least $250 on
Trade crypto to a dollar value of at least $1,000.
Hold at least $200 of their deposit on for a period of at least seven days.

Once your friend has met the trading threshold and held their deposit for the required period, you will both be eligible to claim your reward.

Your friend can swap any of the hundreds of assets supported by, either same-chain or cross-chain: we currently enable cross-chain swaps to Polygon, Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will be adding further chains in due course.

I already use Do I get a spin?

If you’re just joining and you haven't been referred… welcome!

Unfortunately, you won’t earn a spin by creating your own account or depositing, as we are incentivising people to invite their friends this time. The only way to get a spin is by referring a new user.

But remember: you can always refer someone else.

What does the $1,000 figure represent?

This means that the total dollar value of all the swaps your friend makes is greater than or equal to $1,000.

Your friend can reach the valuation in a single swap, or take as many swaps as they like. And, as mentioned above, they can use trades, swaps, investment or pool opportunities to reach the $1,000 threshold.

How many spins do I get?

You can refer up to 10 friends. Every time you refer a friend and they trade a value of $1000, you both get a fresh spin of the wheel. Got more than 10 friends you'd like to invite? Get in touch with us on Discord.

How do I track how many people I’ve referred?

The referrals section has everything you need to know: How many people you’ve referred, how many spins you have and when you can claim your prizes. And there’s no limit to how many people you can refer.

Does offer an affiliate programme?

We don’t currently offer an affiliate programme but it’s something we’re happy to consider on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to reach out to our team via our Discord.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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