Dusk Network (DUSK)

Dusk Network is a technology for securities and is focused on delivering a blockchain that offers confidential transactions and immediate on-chain finality. This is made possible by Dusks's novel consensus mechanism called Segregated Byzantine Agreement, or SBA, which includes Proof-of-Blind Bid (PoBB) - a Private Proof-of-Stake leader extraction mechanism that uses zero-knowledge privacy technology to provide confidentiality to its participants.

The DUSK token fuels the Dusk Network economy. Businesses use DUSK to pay for network services, such as deploying and running a smart contract, or transferring DUSK or ‘XSC-based’ security tokens. For each transaction submitted to the network, DUSK is used to compensate network nodes for bandwidth, verification, and storage.

To find out more about Dusk Network and DUSK, see the Dusk Network website

The Ethereum version of the DUSK token is available for trading against USDT on rhino.fi.
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