Ampleforth (AMPL)

Ampleforth (AMPL) is a digital asset protocol for synthetic commodity-money.

The Ampleforth protocol always seeks a price-supply equilibrium, and will automatically enter a state of unrest until it finds one. The global amount of AMPL tokens adjusts daily based on the price deviation of AMPL from 1 USD, adjusted for the Consumer Price Index.

AMPL/USDT is available for trading on The Ampleforth Protocol has unique elastic supply properties which will see the number of tokens in traders’ exchange wallets change, once per day, as the global supply of AMPL expands and contracts.


Rebasing is a feature of the Ampleforth protocol that alters the supply of the tokens. This means that the amount of AMPLs held in both your private wallet and locked in the smart contract will be modified every 24 hours, based on the weighted average of the token price throughout this time.

This rebase occurs at approximately 02:00 UTC each day.

Additional Details:

From 1:59 AM UTC to 2:30 AM UTC during the rebase period:

AMPL/USDT trading will be paused. Open (active) AMPL/USDT orders cannot be cancelled until the end of the period and no new orders will be permitted.
AMPL deposits/locks and withdrawals/unlocks are still available via the UI up to the amount of AMPLs the traders does not have committed in open orders.
After the rebase at c. 2.00 AM UTC, if a negative rebase (downward adjustment in a trader’s balance) occurs that results in the trader not having enough AMPL tokens locked in the smart contract to cover the entire amount of their orders, then their orders are partially reduced to the point that the sum of the new orders matches the amount of their AMPL tokens locked.


Rebase Dashboard
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