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Liquidity Issues

Liquidity Error Messages

Not Enough Liquidity or Failed To Quote error messages

if you see an error message that details there is not enough liquidity for a given trade then this could be for one of a few different reasons

Your trade size is too large for the available liquidity available in the market
The market has a temporary liquidity problem, such as it is undergoing maintenance
If the market is sourcing liquidity from on-chain, then external liquidity providers may have removed their liquidity from exchanges such as Uniswap, or the Paraswap aggregator is unable to source liquidity for that market

Please try any of the following to resolve
Break your order up into smaller order lots/sizes
Refresh the page and try again
Wait a few minutes and try again

if you still are experiencing issues then please get in contact with customer support

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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