How to Earn SUSH Rewards By Providing Liquidity to the Onsen DVF/USDt Pool

You can stake your DVF and USDt tokens into the SushiSwap automated market maker pool in order to earn $SUSHI rewards

Staking your DVF in this way will cost gas and could result in impermanent loss. Please only provide liquidity to the pool if you are aware of the risks

1. Add DVF/USDt to the DVF/USDT SushiSwap Pool

Add DVF and USDt in equal amounts to the DVF/USDt pool on SushiSwap

If this is the first time you have added DVF & USDT to any SushiSwap pools then you first need to approve each token by following the prompts on the add liquidity screen on SushiSwap

With gas at 30 GWI and ETH at $2050, each approval transaction costs approximately $5 and the add-liquidity transaction cost

After you have added DVF and USDt to the pool, you should see a screen that shows you have a live liquidity position and the number of Pool Tokens

2. Stake your Pool Tokens into Onsen

Now that you are providing liquidity to the DVF/USDt pool on SushiSwap, you can stake your Pool Tokens into the Onsen menu to earn Sushi Rewards

Go to the Farm page search for the USDT/DVF listing and stake your Pool Tokens

3. Periodically claim your Sushi tokens

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